ASL Charts


It is a known fact that the more senses you engage while learning, the more your brain retains the information so help your children learn how to spell and recognize their names, with this ASL Alphabet Chart. Here are some ways to use the ASL Alphabet Chart to help your child learn the alphabet. Singing the alphabet song never gets old! Try using the...


  1. Posted by brooklynnelysse, — Reply

    Hey guys! If you’re looking for a way to learn ASL basics, I just started a Google Classroom. The code is yake2ga. Anyone can join whenever :)

  2. Posted by kakoller, — Reply

    Fabulous. The kids responded well and remembered and used signs through out the school year.

  3. Posted by marypetzoldt, — Reply

    My granddaughter Preslee Lace has RTS and this will be helpful for me.

  4. Posted by lxgl, — Reply

    I like description for the fingers. Very helpful.

  5. Posted by misiaczepa, — Reply


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