How to Prune Basil


Believe it or not, if you want a big production of basil, you actually have to prune it, so today we'll show you how to prune basil so you can get the healthiest, biggest crop yet!


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    Im telling yall as someone who has had a basil plant you could literally stick it in a pot and water it and not do anything to it and its gonna over produce. It drops seeds like crazy every day so don't put it near other plants. They grow HUGE

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    I have what appears to be a bug eating on my basil? There are holes on my leaves. Could this be?

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    I sprayed mine with mixture of Neem Oil. Put in spray bottle.

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    Basil is great for keeping mosquitoes away.

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    What makes Basil leaves turn yellow

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    Should my basil look like a stick

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    Very helpful information, thanks!

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    @wwwharryanddori red

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    How to Prune Basil #basil #howtoprunebasil #basilpruning #herbgardening

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